Here are some of the top muskox outfitters in Greenland and Nunavut.  All of these outfitters have guaranteed tags available.

Two of these outfitters are located in Greenland.  Both of these outfitters are located on Victoria Island for these musk ox hunts.  Hunts offered are moderate temperature hunts from mid-August to mid-September.  These hunts are done typically by boat with inland hikes to get to the muskox with tent accommodations with some cabins available if the muskox are closer.  A 2nd musk ox can be added for a reasonable fee.

  The other muskox hunt is conducted from mid-October to November that will be much colder.  This is a trip of a lifetime where you will travel in wooden sleds behind snow machines to get to the muskox. 

There is another outfitter located in Nunavut.  This hunt is in the spring and is done by snow machine from March to April.  This hunt has a high success rate.

Feel free to call anyone of us for more details on any elk hunt or to speak with any of the outfitters or check out their websites. You can look up our homepage website at for information or click on the photo below for other top-rated hunts in North America, including all of Canada, Africa, New Zealand and Australia.